Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Welcome To Arrow Beach (aka Cold Storage/Tender Flesh)

(1974, USA, 85m)
d Laurence Harvey p Jack Cushingham, Steven North sc Wallace C. Bennett ph Gerald Perry Finnerman ed James Potter ad Ygnacio Sepulveda m Tony Camillo cast Laurence Harvey, Meg Foster, Joanna Pettet, Stuart Whitman, John Ireland, Gloria LeRoy, David Macklin, Jesse Vint, Florence Lake

In this woeful directorial effort, Harvey casts himself according to type as an urbane charmer with a serious streak of psychological disturbance, a secretly deranged Korean War veteran living incestuously with his sister above their private beach, inviting women home and chopping them up in his icebox. Harvey was never as good an actor as he appeared to think he was, nor is he a competent director: a couple of giallo-tinged moments in the darkroom are no compensation for embarrassing modishness, crass editing, bargain-basement script, tossed-off psychobabble and painful theme song. Admittedly, Harvey edited the film by phone from his deathbed, and it was subsequently cut up to be of only tangential interest to cannibalistas: after the opening quotation the entire theme is excised. “You won’t believe what’s behind the meat locker door!” screams the poster. Nor will you care.

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